A growing global phenomenon, Xiaomi has an amazing portfolio of products. By building on their streamlined production processes, Xiaomi has successfully integrated forward-thinking designs into each and every one of their product lines. 2014 was an unbelievable year for Xiaomi, releasing new phones, tablets, and earphones. With each growing success, Xiaomi has greater confidence in the ability to expand into other products.

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"Genuine world-class brand. Stunning designs, leading craftsmanship and flagship-level products at affordable prices. The new leader." "Always impressive, I love Xiaomi products for their consistency: they look and feel fantastic. And deliver uncompromising performance."

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Se trata de un excelente smartphone que cumple todas las funcionalidades a un precio<br>más que competitivo con respecto a otras marcas. Muchos aspectos positivos y pocas<br>cosas malas que decir al respecto.<br><br>Pros:<br>- Lo compré con Android 6 y actualmente se sigue actualizando y tengo la version 8.1<br>Las versiones de MIUI también reciben actualizaciones y actualmente tengo instalado <br>MIUI 10 en su versión Global.<br>- La potencia de este Xiaomi MI5 es más que suficiente para ejecutar cualquier <br>aplicación y la mayoría de juegos actuales.<br>- No hay problemas de compatibilidad con ninguna aplicación.<br>- Su diseño es muy bonito y limpio, con buenos materiales resistentes.<br>- La cámara es muy buena y saca buenas fotos de día y de noche.<br><br>Contras:<br>- En algunas ocasiones el brillo de la pantalla puede no llegar a ser suficientemente<br>claro.<br>- No tiene ranura para targeta microSD y los 32GB de almacenamiento pueden<br>llegar a quedar un poco cortos en algunos usuarios.<br><br>Este Xiaomi MI5 tiene como ventajas sobre otros usuarios su precio, que actualmente<br>ronda los 200 euros y cuenta con un hardware y software que por este precio<br>es muy difícil de encontrar.<br><br>Recomiendo este móvil a cualquier persona que quiera disfrutar de una experiencia<br>con el sistema operativo de MIUI, no quiera gastar mucho dinero y su objetivo sea<br>tener un buen hardware que satisfaga todas las necesidades a un precio impecable.<br>A día de hoy, despues de un año y medio el móvil sigue funcionando perfectamente<br>como el primer día. Excelente compra.
Посылка пришла быстро. Переходник для розетки приложили. Роутер без надписей от ЧайнаТелекома. Приложение на телефон поставил, роутер нашёлся без проблем. Однако свой интернет на стоке настроить я не смог ни из приложения на телефон, ни из вебморды с гуглопереводом. Проблема в провайдере и авторизации. Пришлось прошить на Padavan по видеоинструкции. На этой прошивке интернет подключился сразу (там даже пункт в меню выбора с конкретно моим ISP сразу есть). Подсоединил винт в порт USB 3.0. Теперь плюсом от Padavan есть dlna сервер и торренты роутер качает привычным Transmission. Скорость доступа к винту роутера конечно разочаровала, по самбе всего 7-12 мегабайт в сек, по фтп около 25. Как на видео в YouTube у них получается 35-40 мегабайт в секунду.. Остаётся завидовать. Порты гигабитные и всего 2, но у меня пока все по "воздуху", потому не критично. У меня не греется. Сеть на 5GHz слабовата, иногда устройства перепрыгивают на 2.4 в пределах квартиры. В целом очень доволен. Брал на распродаже 4th anniversary за 39$ с доставкой. Рекомендую.
Many pros. Firstly its 100% original lamp, thanks Gearbest for it) I was surprised when saw how brightest this lamp, realy cool, just look at one of the photos(where light upper the monitor), there is no lamps in my room at this moment, just this little one that connected by usb extenson cord, it can replace table lamp. It's small, comfortable, works with all usb devices(laptop, charge adapter, power bank(xiaomi power bank can turn ONOFF lamp and it's realy cool). Nice materials, i think it will work for a long time. Also lamp very flexible, and it's realy cheap price for this cool devise, i recomend to buy it on Gearbest cause on other sites there are too much not original lamps. <br>Oh i can add that i tested it on my power bank xiaomi 10000 that i bought here, lamp worked 8 hours and took just 25%! of power bank, so it can work more one day with this power bank, it will be useful for camping. <br>On my video you will see how it works and unpack)
- Can be used for people with small wrist. My wrist is quite small, so I use the smallest hole available on the strap to wear it.<br>- Lightweight<br>- The screen is durable, I have scratched the screen on wall many times and it still working. I don't see any noticeable scratched on screen<br>- Can resist water splashes<br>- Battery is durable, I turn on Bluetooth 24 hours/day, and it can work up to 14 days, now it can go for 11-12 days. Without Bluetooth 24/7, it can go 20 days if I'm not mistaken<br>- Activity tracking is perfect, it can detect when I'm walking fast, slow, or running.<br>- Notification of apps is great. But If connected with WhatsApp or Telegram, be prepared to receive many notifications (might want to mute certain groups)<br>- Sleep tracking is great. Useful to know how many days you have slept less than x hours, and more than x hours.
1. Great Looks: The touch of full metal and the crispness of device is simply amazing and feels quite premium. Very sleek, slim and quite light in weight. <br><br>2. Software: Very smooth interface and even after downloading 20+ apps it still has 900 mb left & has around 25.7 GB free internal space (without downloading or adding anything). <br><br>3. Display: Very clear, sharp & rich. <br><br>4. Camera: With 13mp picture really comes out very clear. Even 5mp front camera is good. <br><br>5. Sound: The speaker is quite loud and clear. <br><br>6. Finger sensor: The moment you touch the sensor it opens the mobile. Though, sometimes it doesn't work properly. <br><br>7. With 4000 mAH battery full charge, it easily works for more than 1.5 days with heavy use of wifi, camera, music, calls etc. <br><br>Gearbest team really supported when required.A must must buy mobile at this price.
Bright screen and beautiful colours.<br>So fast, it's not normal.<br>It came with already a screen protector on it and a back cover.<br>Large capacity.<br>Not too expensive for what's inside.<br>Beautiful pictures.<br>Perfect workmanship / finish<br>the buttons at the side have a great pressure point<br>Great Finish at the Card slot<br>Incredible Design<br>Great Display<br>Great Camera at Daylight - still good with less light<br>Fingerprint Scanner is unbelievable fast and works everytime that fast<br>also the slim-cover which is included feels very nice and high-quality<br>network reception is very good<br>great wifi and bluetooth speed and connection<br>speakers are good and loud<br>conversation quality at a phone call is very good<br>Moving, Copy& Paste actions are very fast<br>Great buy!
Cool slippers from Xiaomi but i dont think they will last for long.<br><br>Quite light.<br><br>cheap <br>stylish<br>value for money<br><br><br>Xiaomi Youpin Soft Anti-slip Antibacterial Massage Slippers - JEANS BLUE [Gearbest.com]Xiaomi Youpin Soft Anti-slip Antibacterial Massage Slippers - JEANS BLUE [Gearbest.com]Xiaomi Youpin Soft Anti-slip Antibacterial Massage Slippers - JEANS BLUE [Gearbest.com]Xiaomi Youpin Soft Anti-slip Antibacterial Massage Slippers - JEANS BLUE [Gearbest.com]Xiaomi Youpin Soft Anti-slip Antibacterial Massage Slippers - JEANS BLUE [Gearbest.com]Xiaomi Youpin Soft Anti-slip Antibacterial Massage Slippers - JEANS BLUE [Gearbest.com]
this is just awesome what you get here for this price. A very good suitcase which cost more if you buy it separately without the pillow and towel. just the pillow cost here over 30 euro and the towel about 4 euro now. So it's a very good deal you make here the suitcase comes with an dust protection and fits perfectly like a skin on it. the suitcase and the pillow and the towel have all very high quality standards from xiaomi. buy it if it's available ! most people don't see this combination and buy just the suitcase itself for a higher price. I'm happy that I checked it before I bought just the suitcase, now I paid less money and got a nice xiaomi pillow and xiaomi towel for free.
Fresh Style Personal Hygiene Three-piece Pack<br><br>Хороший набор для ванной комнаты. В комплекте мочалка, мыльница и стакан для зубных щеток и для ополаскивания после чистки зубов. Все выполнено из приятного пластика, мочалка тоже очень качественная, всё цвета TEA GREEN, приятный такой. Брал сразу 2 комплекта, себе и на подарок, очень понравилось.<br><br>Основные характеристики:<br>• Высококачественные полипропиленовые и полиэфирные материалы <br>• Умный внешний вид с зеленоватым оттенком чая и свежим стилем <br>• Подходит для личного использования, также как чудесно сладкий подарок <br><br>Параметры:<br>• Мочалка: 120 х 120 мм <br>• Стакан: 103 x 72 x 72 мм <br>• Мыльница: 108 x 78 x 26 мм <br>• Размещаемое мыло: 96 x 65 x 25 мм<br><br>Как узнал позже из другого ресурса, это тоже товар от/для Xiaomi
Habe lange gewartet auf das Gerät.Lieferzeit war über 3 Wochen.Aber als es ankam war es super Verpackt es hatte keine dellen oder macken an der Verpackung.<br>Das Gerät selbst ist super verarbeitet, total edel gemacht. Leider ist die Windowas 10 Home Version in English. Das umstellen war kein Problem, nur die Vorinstallierte chinesische Softwäre habe ich nicht weg bekommen. Zum Glück hatte ich noch eine Windows 10 Pro Version und ich konnte das Gerät komplett neu installieren und jetzt ist es auf Deutsch und ich bin total zufrieden. Es läuft super ist total schön und bin begeistert von der guten verarbeitung, man könnte es fast mit dem AppleBook verwechseln. Was sicherlich auch gewollt ist. Also Fazit super gerät zu einem geilen Preis.<br>Nachteil: Lange Lieferzeit und das Tastaturlayout ist leider english. Muss man sich erst mal dran gewöhnen. Wäre toll wenn Gear Best noch alternatives Tastaurlayout anbieten würden.
estem bardzo zadowolony z zakupu. Mam Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 i byłem bardzo zadowolony z telefonu. Czekałem 2 dni, aby napisać recenzję Mi Mix 2S, bo chcę dać wiarygodną ocenę. Muszę powiedzieć, że jestem naprawdę pod wrażeniem na wydajność telefonu, gdyż może obsługiwać dowolną grę Rzuciłem na nią! to szybki jak błyskawica i wolna futerał, który przyszedł z telefonem jest niesamowite! To super gładka i miła w ręku. Wyświetlacz Ekran jest bardzo jasny i żywy. Głośniki stereo są miłe do słuchania. Żywotność baterii jest niesamowite. Ponadto, kamera została poprawiona. Jestem pod wrażeniem! Wreszcie, myślę, że projekt jest naprawdę ładny. Mam białą wersję i chłopiec wygląda bardzo elegancki!
RIng xiaomi<br><br>Gadżet ten zapobiega przypadkowemu wyślizgnięciu się i upuszczeniu urządzenia z dłoni.<br><br>Cały jest metalowy więc można również używać go razem z magnetycznym uchwytem uniwersalnym (zobacz w ogłoszeniach)<br><br>Czy zdarzyło Ci się upuścić telefon np. leżąc i pisząc na klawiaturze lub oglądając film?<br><br>Taki uchwyt z pewnością będzie dla Ciebie praktycznym narzędziem.<br><br>Pierścień obraca się dookoła o 360° oraz wychyla się o 180° .<br><br>Można więc dopasować go do własnych potrzeb.<br><br>Jakość pierwsza - pierścień sztywno utrzymuje zadaną pozycję, nie przestawia się, nie przewraca nawet pod ciężarem telefonu.<br><br>Przyklejany na powierzchni smartfona lub etui.<br><br>POLECAM
xiaomi mi a1 un portento<br>5,5 pollici ben strutturato<br>iniziamo col dire che monta Android stock quindi bello fluido<br>lo sblocco con l'impronta è molto veloce <br>la batteria in media fa 5/7 ore di schermo<br>il display è buono non vi aspettate chissà che <br>ha 4 giga di RAM che sono sufficienti ad avere aperte Facebook, subito, Messenger ,telegram ,libero mail e circa 40 pagine di Chrome<br>gira fluido tranne quando vado oltre penso che neanche il PC tenga un utilizzo del genere<br>la fotocamera mi ha impressionato veramente buona molto dettagliata di giorno fenomenale per capirci un pelo sotto s6<br>lo consiglio
Zestaw jaki otrzymałem ze sklepu Gearbest jest bardzo skromny, w pudełku poza telefonem znajduje się jedynie ładowarka, kabel USB, klucz do tacu kart oraz dokumentacja<br><br>BUDOWA<br>Producent chcąc zachować niską cenę musiał oszczędzać niemal na wszystkim, nie oszczędzono też obudowy która wykonana jest z tworzywa sztucznego, a nie z metalu jak to bywa w większości telefonów. Tworzywo jest miłe w dotyku, z tendencja do zbierania odcisków palców i innych zabrudzeń. Budowa jest w miarę solidna, elementy są poprawnie spasowane, nie słychać trzeszczenia itp.<br><br>POLECAM
Leggero e dalle funzioni essenziali: amazfit bip ha il pregio di essere un fitness tracker dal prezzo competitivo e con un paio di funzioni smart. Dalla sua i pro sono un sensore gps incorporato, conta passi con accelerometro e giroscopio,cardio frequenzimetro che fa tiene traccia anche della qualità del sonno, una batteria capace di durare più di una settimana e la certificazione IP68; buono il display e-paper visibile alla luce esterna. Il lato notifiche è personalizzabile e potremmo leggere sull'amazfit bip le prime righe di una chat whatsapp, leggere il titolo delle mail in arrivo o le notifiche di facebook. Inoltre vi segnalerà quando vi stanno chiamando con la vibrazione e sul display compariranno le scelte di riagganciare o ignorare la chiamata
A portable column of the best we can buy. Super good quality and resilient construction. Quality metal body and beautiful relief. It has a phenomenal sound with a serious to envy the other brands. Very clear sound and high volume without distortion. To accompany this great quality comes a battery for 8h in moderate volume, and 4 in the maximum volume. It also has an input for micro sd that helps a lot for those who do not want to walk with the smartphone always on. I strongly recommend this purchase. product 5 stars
El equipo llegó en perfectas condiciones, funciona excelente de hecho ya se pudo probar y funciona increíble, agradezco a gearbest por ser una empresa de primer nivel, el producto es igual al mostrado y debo decir que el funcionamiento del teléfono superó mis espectativas, Pocophon e buenos Xiaomi es un producto de primera, gracias a ambas empresas por tan buen producto. Y excelente experiencia de servicio. Lo pedí desde México a través de DHL. Espere un cupo para la entrega pero fue un servicio excelente, Gearbest te informa en todo momento en que pasó va el envío. Sin duda seguiré comprando productos en esta excelente página de venta online
cercavo un router di facile configurazione e l'ho finalmente trovato. non solo: è anche molto bello e costruito bene. la configurazione è stata semplicissima e molto intuitiva e la qaulità del segnale è sensibilmente migliorata. xiaomi the best!!!! L'ho consigliato ad alcuni amici che lo compreranno senz'altro su gearbest. spedizione veloce e accurata. ho installato anche la app per controllarlo con il cellulare il che rende molto semplice il suo utilizzo. e' un ottimo prodotto in linea con la qualità xiaomi. sarebbe bello anche se costruito in altri colori fermo restando che bianco è molto elegante e siinserisce bene nell'arredo. molto migliore peraltro rispetto ad altri apparecchi di maggior prezzo. lo consiglio vivamente. acquisti su gearbest sempre covenienti e di rara qualità.....
Jest szybki, ładnie wyglądający, solidny., nie zacina się. Płynność, szybkość działania i liczne funkcje jak i wygląd są idealne, telefon nie nagrzewa się, bezkonkurencyjny telefon w tej cenie, jak wszystkie xiaomi - cena do jakości rewelacja.<br>Telefon jest łatwy w obsłudze, lekki, poręczny. Bardzo dobre parametry (pamięć, procesor, bateria, wyświetlacz). Ogólnie polecam, za takie <br>pieniądze ciężko znaleźć lepszy telefon :)
Made of new EVA material, the shoes are soft and comfortable to wear, relax your feet and provide the best experience. Massage granules design provides you the free massage at home at any time. The concave-convex texture of EVA outsole increases the force of friction and keeps you safe on slippery roads. The shoes are quick-drying, non-toxic and odorless, creating a healthier shoe environment. <br><br>Main Features<br>• Soft and comfortable EVA upper <br>• Anti-slip and durable EVA outsole<br>• Massage granules design<br>• Non-toxic and odorless design
Телефон отличный, хожу с таким более полугода, на мой взгляд это лучшее сейчас у Xiaomi. По поводу Gearbest'а - первый телефон приехал СДЕКом, курьер принёс, упакован без смягчений, но коробка ровная. Второй телефон - ПочтаРоссии, упакован в простом пакетике, коробка телефона замялась. Ну, фигня, на самом деле. Второй телефон приехал с наклейками "4G+" (China Mobile). Аппарат Tiffany, с разблокировкой и перепрошивкой никаких проблем (если уже понимаешь, что делать и в чём могут быть загвоздки)ю
First of all congratulations to GearBest: perfect shipping and prices.<br><br>Great quality phone: <br>+ RAM 4GB: over the competitors<br>+ ROM 64GB: over the competitors and huge for the normal use (apps and photos).<br>+ CPU: fast! No scrolling problems during browsing the web, no problem at all when you open lots of apps.<br>+ battery: really interesting. You can easily arrive at the end of the day and charge every 2 days.<br>+ chassis: good assembly quality<br>+ cameras: GREAT double cameras for this price. Nice fade effects.<br><br>FINALLY BEST BUY.
É um excelente aparelho, com 3 GB de rom com 64gb interno com expansão para cartão de memória com uma tela lindíssima de 5,5" polegadas é demais!! Tem a tecnologia 4g com isso a rede móvel fica bem rápida E com uma ótima resolução posso baixar qualquer jogo da play store que ele roda liso está rodando na miui 9.6 e a bateria e fantástica com 4000mlh isso deixa a xiaomi a cima das marcas a qualidade do aparelho é muito boa tem o corpo em metal com impressão digital, o áudio pra ouvir sem fone tem boa qualidade e alto. Comprei por um preço bom, mas não foi promoção. O tempo de entrega foi dentro do previsto foram 2 meses e chegou tudo certinho na embalagem bem feita.
-I got the product so I can monitor my energy consumption as my oven is using full power to make stuff which is more than 2.5kW.. with this machine I can keep the water boiling even around 10%power which should be around 0.2kWh. considering kWh pricing in Germany which is 0.3€ per kWh, in just 4 months or less the machine will pay itself, so this is a smart purchase!<br>-app is in Chinese yet but no worries! it is fairly simple to use. the the best part of the app is that you can set temperature for cooking function instead of % power.<br>-cookw very fast. at least 5 times faster than my heat radiating oven.
redmi note 3 pro versione 2 giga di RAM e 16 di rom<br>iniziamo col dire che ha una grandezza di 5,5 pollici un display bello da vedere ,oggi siamo ad altri livelli, è una fotocamera da 16 megapixel<br>l'utilizzo è piacevole nonostante sarebbe stato preferibile la versione con 3 giga di RAM<br>la fotocamera è buona e il processore è veramente tosto<br>ma la cosa migliore di questo telefono è l'autonomia da top top<br>l'acquisto nel momento in cui è uscito è stata una manna dal cielo avevo un Cell top ad un prezzo veramente basso<br>consigliato
Comprei em Dezembro 2017 e recebi em 15 de Maio de 2018, valeu a pena esperar, mesmo não sendo a compra inicial "Correios devolveu sem me comunicar sem justificativa e após uma nova entrega me taxou desnecessariamente" a Gearbest é 100% em suporte e envio de mercadoria, nosso sistema do Correios que acaba com nossos sonhos...satisfeito recomendo e não compro mais as marcas nacionais que o custo benefício não vale a pena... <br>Aparelho 100% , <br> Custo benefício 100%, <br>Pagamento e Envio 100% <br>Produto de acordo com anuncio 100% <br>Atendimento e Suporte 100%
Sneakers have reached Moscow in 20 days. At the same time, the dispatch was performed in 8-10 days.<br>From 20 days 15 days the parcel was in the transit warehouse in China without traffic and for 3 days reached the destination. The parcel was delivered to the door.<br>Packed everything was in the mail package, inside it was a cardboard box with sneakers and a walking sensor. Box for the time of delivery pretty wriggled, but with all the contents remained intact and secure.<br>The sensor was easily found by the MiFit application and updated. The sneakers were ordered for size 43 and fit just right.
The robot from Gear Best arrived in the UK 10 days after I ordered it. There were no extra charges. The quality and presentation are first class and the assembly instructions are very clear. I let my grandsons (age 14 and 10) build it and they enjoyed doing it. The only minor issue is that it creeps slowly forward when it should be still. I suggest that you re-calibrate the accelerometer before assembling the robot as it’s a bit too awkward to calibrate it once it is built in. The app is very good and I have installed it on two devices, one with Android 6.0.1 and one with 5.0.1.
The phone stays dovolen.V it pleased me almost everything except the memory but it's like I wrote earlier, my oshibka.Ne can say that it is better, he or his direct competitor of China Meizu, because the second did not use but I do not think that the second will be much better or worse, everyone decides for himself for the sum of a little more than 13 thousand, I think the phone was excellent, and despite (and using) to many new smart phones did not see in them any distinguishing features or characteristics of which may be overpaying in two, and then in three bolshe.
This is my second buy of this slippers so i can only recomend this GREAT product to my friends and also to my family. They are very soft and comfortable .This is another GREAT product from Xiaomi thank you very much indeed gearbest. You can wash them every day and they will look like new alao every day. So if anyone needs soft and comfortable slippers please feel free and buy them . Everyone will be satisfied i think. So once more thank you very much indeed for cooperation Gearbest . The delivery and packing was also very good.